Dulais Road, Seven Sisters, Neath Port Talbot, SA10 9EY

    Telephone: 01639 700203 / 701660

    Home Visits

    If you feel they too ill to attend Practice, may request a home visit, by telephoning Dulais Valley Primary Care Centre on: (01639) 701660.

    The doctors will arrange a home visit for an Individual where the Medical Condition of the Individual is so severe that they are unable to attend Practice.

    Please telephone the Practice, if possible before 10:30, if you think you need a home visit. You will be asked for details of the Individual’s problem to allow the doctor to assess how urgently your concerns need to be dealt with.

    In severe cases such as a collapse or a suspected heart attack or stroke, an immediate emergency ambulance will be advised.

    Home visits are not carried out as a matter of routine but are available to Individuals that are too unwell to attend the Practice and to Individuals that are housebound.

    We do not consider lack of transport a sufficient reason to request a home visit. A relative, friend or taxi can often bring the Individual to Practice to attend an urgent appointment. Please note the community transport service (DANSA) also provides a service, you can contact them on 01639751067, there is a charge for this service.

    Our reception staff have been trained to recognise a situation that requires an emergency ambulance and may suggest this to the caller. Our reception staff have also been trained to recognise urgent problems and will alert the doctor if needed, disturbing the doctor in Practice when necessary.