If you are away from home and your usual GP and become unwell we can see you as a Temporary Patient. We can see you as a temporary patient for an immediately necessary problem. This is a problem that has developed or got worse during your stay in our area and cannot wait until you go back home to see your usual GP.

Medical PillsIf you are only in the area for a days we recommend that you get back to see your own GP.  If you usual GP is in Neath and Port Talbot we ask that you make every effort to attend your own GP.  We are unable to see you if you can’t get an appointment with your own GP.


Remember your own GP:

  • knows you better
  • knows your medical history
  • knows what medicines you are taking
  • can offer you ongoing care.

We can offer you a same day urgent appointment.

We will help to sort out the problem you have developed.

We will be able to supply medication for a short period to treat the problem or if you have forgotten your medications.

We will be able to refer you to secondary care (hospital) for emergency treatment.  We will not be able to refer you to secondary care for routine care of a chronic problem, your own GP is better placed to do this.

Please arrive 20 minutes before your allocated appointment time to allow completion of necessary forms and to allow you to be registered onto our computer system.