If you are stable on your medication your GP will give you a repeat prescription.  This allows you to order a number of prescriptions without seeing your GP.

sample prescriptionWe are able to give you one month’s worth of medication at a time.  You will often have a prescription that allows you to order up to 12 months of medication but in some cases this will be less if your medication needs to be more closely monitored.

If you are going away (abroad) we can provide you with up to 3 months worth of prescriptions.  Please indicate on your repeat prescription request if this is the case and how long you are going away for.  The NHS does not allow more than 3 months of medication to be taken abroad.

Medication Reviews

We ask you to attend for an annual medication review.  During your medication review  you will be able to discuss the indications for your medications and any side effects you are having.  The medication review also allows us to monitor your condition and make necessary checks such as your blood pressure and some blood tests.

If you are having problems with your medication or have been forgetting to take it please do not hesitate to mention this during your medication review.

One of the GPs or practice nurses will be able to complete your medication review.

Getting your repeat prescription

Please use your repeat prescription request form (if you have lost it one of our reception staff will be able to print you another copy).  Please tick only the items that you require

Please give us 48 hours to issue your repeat prescription.  This is important because it allows us to make some safety checks.

You can:

  1. Post the request form to the Surgery
  2. Post the request form to your Pharmacy
  3. Hand the request form into your Pharmacy
  4. Hand the request form in at the Surgery
  5. Fax  the request form to the Surgery 01639 700010 (Dulais Valley Primary Care Centre) or 01639 xxxxxx (Coelbren Health Centre

You may also email the Surgery on: